The Stress Duo

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The Stress Duo Consists of:

Purple Opal- Mixed purple colors with some white, cream, and gold colors throughout this gemstone. Purple Opals are one of the rarest opals available. This gemstone is found in one location on Earth, Spor Mountain, Utah. Purple Opal can help us to release our inhibitions and to start enjoying life to the fullest. Purple Opal energy is great for stress releasing to help provide more peace and joy. It is a great choice for anyone who has had their heart broken in the past, but now feels a desire to be open to love again. Purple Opal can help bring peace and serenity to mind and emotion by helping us align with our intention. Purple Opal emerges some of the highest vibrations of any Opal available.

Purpurite- Bright violet to purple colors with a silky luster. The purple hues in Purpurite are caused by its manganese content. Officially discovered in 1905 and named for the Latin word purpura, meaning purple, Purpurite is mostly a lavender violet color that has beautiful granulation. It is semi-transparent stone. Purpurite is a rare and beautiful mineral that is highly valued for its unique color and metaphysical properties. Purpurite is a rare mineral of Manganese Iron Phosphate that occurs as a result of oxidation. It catches the light at certain angles and has a very distinctive purple shade. This gemstone is a type of phosphate mineral that is only found in Namibia, Australia, and Sweden. Sugilite and Chariote can look like Purpurite and show the same purple colors, but keep in mind that Purpurite is the rarest of these three gemstones. Spiritually, Purpurite is all about higher success. Purpurite can help harmonize your mental and emotional sides with your truest spiritual self. It can also help you harness stronger intuition and communication that can help provide better wisdom on your spiritual path to a stress free life.

 Natural stones can vary in color making each one uniquely different.

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