The Serenity Candle

Delivery and Return Information: As all candles are perishable, it is imperative the Serenity Candle is sent to an address with access to the package as soon as possible. It is highly recommended the candle be brought inside at your earliest convenience after delivery. The Serenity Candle is eligible for a full refund (minus shipping) under the following conditions: must be unburned and in the original, undamaged packaging. Please see the FAQ tab for our return instructions.


The Serenity Candle was created to compliment our natural gemstones with the purpose of aligning and balancing your meridians through your smell or your olfactory stimulation. We chose a universal scent that men and women equally love that is clean, luxurious, and intoxicating.  We know the Serenity Candle will help provide all homes with Peace, Harmony, and Balance.

The Serenity Candle is housed within a modern 14oz all white, glass vessel; then placed in a sophisticated embossed silver foil, all white box. Crisp and clean, complimenting any home decor. The Bombshell Beads glass was handmade and designed to parallel the beauty of its surroundings.  The Serenity Candle is a special all natural proprietary blend with an exclusive organic coconut wax that creates a slow even burn that easily permeates any size room.


  • Special Proprietary Bombshell Beads coconut wax blend (You cannot purchase this unique blend anywhere else!)
  • 100% natural all cotton wick
  • Hand-poured in the U.S.A.
  • Not tested on animals 
  • Phthalate, paraben, and sulfate-free
  • Burn time is 60-90 hours 
  • Coconut wax is superior at holding a scent because it burns at a much lower temperature than other candle waxes; which is beneficial to our proprietary blend. Making the first burn as potent as the last burn.

Steps to take for maximum burn time:

STEP 1: Trim the wick to ¼" before lighting your candle each time. This helps prevent soot and extends the life of your candle!

STEP 2: Allow the wax to melt and pool right to the candle’s edges with every light to prevent tunneling in the future by burning the candle 1-2 hours.  Never burn the Candle longer than 2 hours at a time.

STEP 3: Gently blow out or extinguish the candle.

STEP 4: Once candle has cooled down to room temperature wipe down any black residue left on the inside of the glass. A small amount of black residue is normal from the organic cotton wick and coconut wax. It easily wipes off.

STEP 5:  Don’t throw away this milky white glass vessel! Instead, re-purpose it to create your own keepsake!


DISCLAIMERIMPORTANT PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.  Extreme weather/temperature can adversely impact perishable items like candles if not handled with care. Candle wax can expand and contract with changing weathers and needs time to acclimate to the climate it is in.  We ask that you wait 24 hours before opening any package we send during the Summer and Fall season to avoid any mishaps.  Keep your burning candle in sight and away from drafts. Keep the candle away from children, pets, and materials that can catch fire, and other heat sources. Never move your candle while it is burning or still hot.