The Anxiety Balancing Trio

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The Anxiety Balancing Trio Consists of:

Trolleite-Mix of ocean blue, green, gold, brown, red, black and white colors throughout this gemstone. Trolleite is a phosphate gemstone that may include Scorzalite. It has a calming energy that still raises your vibration! This gemstone helps with manifestation by connecting you with your soul’s purpose to bring your dreams into your reality. Trolleite energy can help open the doors to new opportunities, positive energy, and confidence. Trolleite activates and works with the Crown Chakra, Third Eye Chakra and Throat Chakra, making it a perfect tool for communication and self expression. It enhances your spiritual powers and strengthens your intuition. This is also a great gemstone to help you release fear and negative emotions to guide your body, mind, and spirit to enlightenment.

Dumortierite-Navy and light periwinkle blue colors with some white, gold, and brown veining throughout this stone.  Dumortierite can help bad patterns and compulsions. It helps breaks the cycle of co-dependency. Dumortierite is an excellent stone to help for patience and bringing calmness in difficult situations. Dumortierite works with the throat chakra and the third eye chakra.

 Gold Sheen Obsidian-Deep black and or brown colors throughout this stone containing feathery patterns of iridescent gold sheen colors with a vibrant, diamond like shine.  Gold Sheen Obsidian is a powerful stone for protection because it can help clear the buildup of psychic smog. It can act as a psychic vacuum cleaner, helping protect and help cleanse of all negative attachments, old patterns, and toxic behaviors. Gold Sheen Obsidian can help absorb negative energy, improve circulation, and help eliminate addictive behaviors.  

Natural stones can vary in color making each one uniquely different.

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