Stichtite 10mm

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Green to pink to lilac to rich purple colors throughout this gemstone. Stichtite was first discovered in 1910 in Tasmania, Australia by A.S. Wesley. He chose to name it after the mine’s manager, Robert Carl Sticht; an American metallurgist and chief executive of the infamous Mount Lyell Mining and Railway Company. Since it’s initial extraction over 110 years ago, Stichtite has only been found a handful of times and is considered one of the rarest gemstones to find. 

Stichtite is a very unique and complex gemstone. It can emit energies that directly activate and connect the heart, third eye, and crown chakra. This interesting bond is highly unusual in nature, and very few gemstones have this capability. The purple rays of light from Stichtite help one's intuitive and emotional body seamlessly react to one another. One can become empathic to themselves and strive to restore love and nurture into their own life. During this experience, the third eye is extremely open and is capable of seeing past any false sense of reality. This powerful ability enables one to understand the root of their internal pain and where the true cause really comes from. So often we try to hide traumatic emotions from our own mind. We constantly look towards incorrect sources of restoration and even sometimes try to fill the void with external substances. Stichtite’s energies remind you to listen to your inner spirit and open your heart for the world to see.

Natural stones can vary in color making each one uniquely different

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