Moldavite 10mm

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Dark brown to dark green shades of color throughout this stone. Discovered again in 1908, this gemstone from space is truly out of this world. Moldavite is a type of tektite, which is a gemstone created by meteorite impacts on earth. The force of these meteorite impacts instantly melt surrounding soil and rock, creating molten glass. This molten glass is then flung into the air where it cools as it falls to the ground. Moldavite is an interesting gemstone with an incredible journey, but it almost impossible to get and may not be readily available for future generations. Since it was created from a meteorite impact millions of years ago, those conditions are impossible to recreate. Not only that, but because it’s from a strewn field located in a specific area and strata, once the stones have been mined out, there is no possible way to find it somewhere else in the world making it one of the rarest gemstones in the world to own.  

Since moldavite carries both terrestrial and stellar energies, it is typically seen as a very high-energy stone and believed to be a source of connectivity. Those that believe in moldavite’s spiritual properties use it to accelerate their personal and spiritual growth. It is even seen as a token of good fortune that can help give protection from dark energies for those who wear it.

Natural stones can vary in color making each one uniquely different

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