Lizardite 10mm

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Lime green colors with some brown, gold, yellow, and red colors throughout this stone. Lizardite is an earthly gemstone holding a strong healing vibration that assists in meditation and fulfilling spiritual expectation. The most powerful benefit may be its detoxification quality. Lizardite is a possessor of energy that brings love and heals the wounded heart by giving the wearer new hope, a new phase of life that is filled with caring people, love, passion, and happiness.  Lizardite sheds light on the energy blockages within the chakras, which makes it an exceptional meditation gemstone. Because of its fascinating green colors the vibes of this stone can help boost the concentration in order to achieve the desired meditative state. Lizardite has been known to fire up all the chakras and facilitate activating kundalini energy.

Natural stones can vary in color making each one uniquely different.

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